Monday, January 9, 2012

Getting Ready For Vegas 2012

I must admit I am terrible with my blog posting AGAIN::::
Yet all that will change after this visit to Vegas. I'm getting some much needed help.
Years ago I had a beautiful fan, who use to handle all of my posting. MySpace, Facebook,
X-Peeps, Yahoo. Along with anything else I needed. Then she asked me if I would dump my then girlfriend
Samantha38G of When I said no, she flipped and locked me out of all of my sites. She later
Came to her senses and gave me the new passwords. Funny thing though. At that time Sam dumped me. Her believing
I wanted to chose a swing couple I was not even sexually involved with, over her. You know what they say. " when a woman's fed up "
There's nothing you can do about it. So now that I've blabbed a lot of my personal life. Let me get back to the fucking. I'll be doing a lot of that
very soon in Vegas. With pics a blog post. With some of your favorite Milfs in the biz.
@katefaucett @Honeywhitexxx @careyriley4u @RosiePaigexxx @natashastar69 @mandymonroe @ShannenWilde
and that's just that's just the start of my Vegas weekend.

Monday, September 19, 2011

My Cheeky Pictures Products.....

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Catching Up AFTER catching up

Hello. I have Benny through way too many adventures since my last update here. Had sex with way too many women to try to list. So what I'll do is say, Several DVD releases, moved back home to NY, joined in with my brothers in porn. Forming a group called the union. Began to be more active on twitter. Here is a link to my Hotmovies store so you can catch up. Until NEW SITE is up.

Catching up AFTER catching up.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Catching Up

It's been too f*#in long since I've had or taken time to post. So I will TRY to sum it up in one and catch myself up. I left New York shortly after one GREAT week of hanging with Big Dee and Slut Momo.. We shot some S U P E R H O T scenes. Including G/G and ANAL. And a real good D/P with Lil Freak and Anneke.. Man was I drained after that... Not much else was shot after that due to Timing issues. Then I bounced down to Maryland to shoot with several new MILF type starlettes who flaked big time. Then who comes to the content RESCUE. None other than my sexy super hot MILF friend STUNNING SUMMER. I shot her and Ryen Ryder in a good dick stiffing G/G. Then an incredible ASS POUNDING ANAL scene with me. ( ALL ANAL-NO VAG ) Big up's to my NEW man camera guru BIG -O for shooting the scene. on a side note ( Anybody looking for a camera man in or around the Maryland/DC area... You will be a fool not to hire him ) As I'm writing this I realize I do not have his contact info handy. Stunning Summer has it for sure...That was the highlight of Maryland. Hanging with them after made the whole three weeks I wasted there worth it.
Moving on to the rest of my trip to this point. Went to Indiana. Contacted the talent out there..
Let's say Love "INTERRACIAL" scared to admit and partake in.. So many were down to fuck me, but film OH NO.. More cases of I'll take two up my ass, but I can't film with a black guy.
So now on to St. Louis. I figure I will get at some sistas and white chicks since I found so many on SEXY JOBS. Let's start with the " LOGIC " you place an ad on a WELL KNOWN PORN job listings site. You post pics and info about what you will and won't do... PAUSE: I did say they posted ads right??? Then I contact them, Tell them who I am and show what I have done. The reply... " Bet, I can't wait to meet you... Then Flake after Flake after Flake, etc. Up till TODAY.
I'm ready to go.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Since I got to New York

My return started 6/27/09.
I rolled into the city around 3:30 am. I called a few of my boys to let them know I got here safe. These fuckers were like, meet us at "HOME" I'm like, I'm outside the crib now. No he says the Club Home.. I had to remind my jack-ass homeboy I have not lived here close to 15 years. How the fuck was I to know some bull-shit club was called home.. Needless to say I passed out shortly after hanging up on him. Saturday and Sunday were basically all about the Family. Got screamed at as usual about why I always stay away so long. My Dad turned 60 on the 29th. His party was off the hook. You would have thought he was turning 30 there was so many young pieces of ass there. Most of the fam came. So that let me off the hook for a minute as far as having to visit them individually. So I got to thinking about planning the HUNT... I called my boy Freaky of to let him know it was time to get it in. we then conference called with Big D of and Big Max of So my boys knowing how I am, called out all the white sluts who love blak dick up their ass.....